I am a designer, musician, and conference producer based in New York City. With nearly 18 years of experience in tech, I've worked for corporations, design agencies, and indie software studios. In 2012 I co-founded and ran Pacific Helm, a boutique design agency specializing in UX/UI and brand design. I later created the Layers, a design conference which ran in concert with Apple's WWDC until 2020.

Since moving to New York I've been primarily working in my creative fields of cello performance, music composition and production, and sound design. I'm particularly interested in working in theatre, video games, and film, and welcome any opportunities related to sound/music in those fields.


Invasive Species [Play], 2024
Sound Design & Original Score, in collaboration with Maxwell Neely-Cohen
Upon the success of its proudction at The Tank, Invasive Species returns for a limited run at the Vineyard Theatre.

I LEFT gOD [Short Film], 2024
Sound Design & Mix
Short film adaptation of Eloisa Amezcua's The God Poems. Written and directed by Jonathan Fernandez, starring Laura Benanti (Gypsy) and Chandler Kinney.

BIKINI [Theatre Workshop] 2024
Sound Design, Composition, Live Foley, Voice Acting, DJing in collaboration with Maxwell Neely-Cohen

ANA [Short Film], 2024
Original Score
Written and directed by Amauta Firmino (Slave Play), starring Maia Novi (YELL!, Invasive Species) and Louisa Jacobsen (The Gilded Age)

JOB, Connelly Theatre [Play] 2024
Sound Design, in collaboration with Maxwell Neely-Cohen
Upon the success of its production at the Soho Playhouse, JOB returns for a second run at the Connelly Theatre. Building upon the sound design on our previous production and working within QLab 5.3.3, sounds were enhanced and designed with more cueing flexibility in mind to allow performers more space to improvise with timing. To accommodate the much larger theatre, more speakers were added to the grid and the actors receive gentle vocal support with body mics; much thanks to our wonderful associate Julian Evans for the beautiful implementation of our work in this run!
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BIKINI, CultureHub [Theatre Workshop] 2023
Sound Design, Composition, Voice Acting, Live Foley
A new play written and directed by Michael Breslin in collaboration with Fake Friends, BIKINI is an adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary, set in contemporary New Jersey. At this tech-focused workshop, we explored sound, light, and video as a stand in for the style 19th century French realism narration; how sound can both support the narrative of the play, while casting a comedic and sometimes judgmental look upon the characters.

JOB, Soho Playhouse [Play] 2023
Sound Design, in collaboration with Maxwell Neely-Cohen
A new play by Max Wolf Friedlich and directed by Michael Herwitz, starring Sydney Lemmon and Peter Friedman. Recorded and mixed in Logic Pro, and assembled in QLab 4.7. A particularly challenging set of cues, the sounds were only meant to represent one character's subconscious and were intended to be confusing to the audience. An engine revs, A whip cracks, Sounds of pornography; we stuck very close to the script and designed a system of disturbing, disorienting sounds cradled between the eerie clicks of a mouse and taps on a keyboard.
JOB is currently enjoying a sold-out run and extension at the Soho Playhouse.
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Tanghulu [Game] 2023
Sound Design & Original Score
A game by Sam Von Ehren and Noca Wu, released to the iPhone App Store in 2023 The theme song is a 24-second loop, initially composed in MuseScore. The music was then voiced and mixed in LogicPro, creating two separate versions of the song to differentiate between menu music and gameplay. 18 original sound effects were created in LogicPro using custom synth patches to find the best match between art, animation, and sound.

Invasive Species, The Tank [Theatre] 2023
Sound Design & Original Score, in collaboration with Maxwell Neely-Cohen
A new play written by and starring Maia Novi (YELL!) and directed by Pulitzer nominee, Dr. Michael Breslin (Fake Friends). Created over 200 cues worth of sound and music from scratch, mixed in Logic Pro and Ableton and assembled in QLab 5.0. Original leitmotifs written to underscore comedic characters, and a variety of sounds custom synthesized to quickly establish moods between rapidly-changing scenes.

The Last Bimbo of the Apocalypse [Theatre Workshop] 2023
Music production & audio engineering
Created performance and rehearsal tracks for 23 original songs by Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley (Fake Friends) for their new musical commissioned by Ars Nova. Created practice tracks for all songs with flexible tempos and adjustable keys, and used Logic Pro to create 19 performance-ready backing tracks in the style of various Y2K-era pop genres. Created clever vamping systems for added flexibility during dialogue, with concealed starting pitch count-offs for effortless performances.

Faberge Egg Game [vaporware], 2022
Original Music
Composed 10 original songs for a video game idea that I'll probably never follow through with.

Zuckerberg Media [bumper] 2012
Sound Design
Designed sound for Randi Zuckerberg's media company bumper that appeared at the end of short-lived Bravo show Start Ups: Silicon Valley. Extremely LOL.

Invasive Species, Creative Direction & Web Development 2024
Provided creative direction and production assistance for the Invasive Species marketing campaign, as well as design and development (html/css) for

Sourcegraph, Senior Manager Events & Experiences 2021-2022
Hired as the first full-time events person, my role was to oversee brand representation across all forms of events and outreach at Sourcegraph.

Opening Night LLC, Co-Founder 2015-2020
Formed as the business behind the Layers Design Conference, and evolved into a full-service conference production business. Performed all possible aspects of event production.

Neat FM, Founder 2015-2021
Managed podcasts with a combined 300k in monthly listenership, bringing in over $1M annually. Negotiated and scheduled sponsorship deals, copy edited ad reads to sound more in the voice of the podcast hosts, and maintained a complex library of contracts, scripts, invoices, calendars, and ad timestamps. Performed all accounting, bookkeeping,and payouts, issuing proper tax forms at the end of each year. Advocated for the podcast hosts while sponsors tried to find ways to get out of paying us; won most of the battles.
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Pacific Helm, CEO 2012-2014
I co-founded Pacific Helm with designers Louie Mantia and Bradley Ellis. Gathering an impressive roster of clients, I lead a 5-person team to work on app design and development for companies like Adobe, Airbnb, Disney, ESPN, Facebok, Pantone, Target, and Sony.
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Mule Deisgn, Business Development 2010-2012
Working under the legendary Erika Hall and Mike Monteiro, I had the honor of cutting my design teeth at this boutique web agency. Starting out in business development, my role was to prepare and negotiate statements of work for prospective clients. As the firm began to take on more responsive design work, I acted as a project manager for mobile-first initiatives, helping lead the company into the app-based era. Also helped set up a podcast network, the Mule Radio Network,and later co-hosted its flagship podcast Let's Make Mistakes.
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[Redacted], Project Manager & Build Engineer 2009-2010
This was an extremely weird job that I did in my spare time in SF for some extra cash (the Bay Area was expensive, man). It was an app design/development agency, but instead of the kind that tries to make good apps, they just tried to make as many random cheap apps as people would pay for. Everyone I worked with was kind of odd, and it turns out one of them even turned out to be a prolific sex offender. It honestly checks out. While I was there, my project management would often lead to build engineering to cover for many of the absentee developers (turned out they were absentee because the company wasn't paying them). I had to learn how to debug and build apps for various versions of iOS, PalmOS, BlackBerryOS, Windows Mobile, and Android. I would often have to perform simple design fixes for apps to work across multiple platforms, and was at one point familiar with the design and build standards for all existing mobile devices. They eventually stopped paying me too, until I finally raised enough noise to get my final payment. All cash, a thick stack of $100s. I took it home and made it rain on my bed that night.

Delicious Monster, Various 2008-2010
Began in a support role at Delicious Monster, a small indie Mac software company that kicked off an aesthetic movement in computing referred to as "The Delicious Generation", now more commonly known as "skeuomorphism" (while the wide use of the term is a slight misnomer, Delicious Library's bookshelf aesthetic does fit the technical definition). Provided ample support for all versions of Delicious Library, and as my familiarity with the software grew I also started taking on more technical roles like crash report diagnostics, debugging, and localization. Led design for Delicious Library Mobile, working with Wil Shipley, Mischa McLachlan, and Olivier Charavel to create the first-ever mobile companion to for the product. Co-created a marketing video with Maja Henderson using stop animation.

QA Engineer, Apple 2008
Stemming from my work as a "Genius" during the early days of Apple retail, I was given the opportunity to work at Apple's corporate headquarters in Cupertino. Specifically working on the launch of the 4th Generation iPod Nano, I focused primarily on test engineering for 3rd party accessories and games, while maintaining compatibility with previous generation models and the updated iPod classic line. Work was done entirely on-site in a very chilly, highly-guarded laboratory.

Genius, Apple 2007-2008
Certified in Apple hardware and software repair, I provided triage and repairs to all Apple devices made between 1997-2008. "Front of house" work included in-person diagnostics and quick repair for Apple devices, "back of house" work included service and repairs for Apple computers with a 100% success rate.

Mac Specialist, Apple 2005-2006

Blender • Logic Pro • MuseScore • Orca • Photoshop • Procreate • QLab • SketchUp • Mezzo-Forte Carbon Fiber Cello • 1970s German Acoustic Cello • Moog Etherwave Plus Theramin • Arturia Keylab 61

Conceived of and produced the Layers Design Conference alongside Elaine Pow, a popular indie design conference that provided both a celebratory and critical look at design and technology. Skills include:
Conceptualization • Brand Design • Marketing Strategy • Business Planning • Venue Scouting • Contract Negotiation • Design & Website Management • Community Management • Copywriting • Event Planning • Experiential Design • A/V Direction • Video Production • Speaker and Attendee Travel & Accommodations • Speaker Training • Sponsor Outreach • Vendor Selection & Agreements • Insurance & Compliance • Code of Conduct Mangement • Swag Development • Partnership Management • Emceeing • Load-In Strategy and Operations • Bookkeeping & Accounting •

Past Sponsors Include
Apple, Adobe, Dropbox, Figma, Photoshop, Sketch,

Past Attendees Include
Adobe, Airbnb, Amazon, American Express, AngelList, AOL, Apple, Audible, Autodesk, Basecamp, Belkin, Bloomberg, BMW, Bosch, Boston Scientific, Buzzfeed, Capital One, Disney, Dropbox, Meta, FastCompany, Fastly, Figma, Fitbit, Google, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Hulu, IBM, IDEO, Instagram, Khan Academy, Lyft, MailChimp, Medium, Microsoft, Netflix, Nextdoor, Oracle, Pandora, Pixar, PayPal, SAP, Sequoia Capital, Shopify, Slack, Sony, Swuare, Starbucks, TechCrunch, Trulia, Tumblr, Twitter, Venmo, Verizon, Visa, Vox, Wix, Xerox, Yahoo, and Zillow.

Apple: The Qualities of Great Design, WWDC18
9to5 Mac: Annual Layers design conference speaker lineup announced for WWDC week

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Classical and Experimental Cello
Design Management
Event Production
UX/UI Design
Pixel Art
Sound Design, Composition, and Arrangement

experiential design, research-driven work, empathy and kindness, taste, style, curiosity, minimum basic competency in most subjects. ability to express creative ideas in realistic, non-magical terms. working on large-scale projects that account for numerous unknowns (unless one of the unknowns is the goal of the project itself). being a likable manager and coworker with a healthy work/life balance. avoiding cringe. champion of good design down to the core.

cooking, livecode, tetris, foosball, architectural model building, common home appliance repair, hula hoop, soldering, house parties, extremely fast jigsaw puzzle assembly, shopping, pinball (specifically the Medieval Madness table), internet sleuthing, sleeping on airplanes,

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Succession (HBO), 2023
Season 4 Episode 9 "Church and State", aired 5/21/23

Cellist, Funeral Orchestra
Violin Concerto in D major, RV 234 'L'inquietudine' (Vivaldi)

New Musical Workshop, 2023
Cellist, accompaniment
Performed as an accompanist in a sing-through for an original musical workshop at Ars Nova. Song by Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley, musical arrangement by Dan Schlosberg.

Computer Pop, 2021
Livecode, Orca
Using only the Orca programming language, I performed works of classical music entirely in code. Starting with Vivaldi's Four Seasons, each string line was programmed one line at a time with an adjusted chord progression for looping abilities.

Yakima Symphony Orchestra, 2006-2007
Section Cellist
Performed a number of symphonic works including:
Overture to Otello (Rossini)
Piano Concerto No. 24 in C Minor (Mozart), featuring soloist Roberto Plano
Symphony No. 2 (Brahms)
West Side Story, Symphonic Dances (Bernstein)
Henry V: A Shakespeare Scenario (Walton), featuring actor Kyle MacLaughlan
Prominade Overture (Corigliano)
Hoedown from Rodeo (Copland)
Variations on America (Ives-Schuman)
As well as a special performance featuring the Brubeck Quartet.

Carnegie Hall, May 2005
Cellist, Tacoma Youth Symphony
The Firebird Suite (Stravinsky)
The Tender Land Suite (Copland)

Benaroya Hall, November 24, 2002
Gold Medal Cellist, Seattle Symphony
Romance for Strings (Sibelius)
Piano Concerto No. 2 (Brahms)
Symphony No. 1 (Sibelius)

Tacoma Musical Playhouse, 2001-2004
Cellist, Orchestra Pit
Babes in Arms
Beguiled Again
Boys from Syracuse
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Singin' in the Rain

Adobe / Advance Publications / Airbnb / All Things Digital / Apple / Dropbox / Disney / ESPN / Figma / Live Nation / Macworld / Meta / Mozilla / Open Society Foundations / Pantone / Pinterest / Sony / Target / Udacity / Ueno / Upthere / VSCO